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UEA Collection
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35 Series Mixed
University of East Anglia
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The UEA Collection consists of a number of series of papers deposited by staff, alumni, and others persons associated with the University.

See also FT (Archive of Frank Thistlethwaite, first Vice-Chancellor).

Series relating to the student experience and memorabilia: UEA/BUT, UEA/EDE, UEA/GRAY, UEA/SCH, UEA/SMI, UEA/TAIT, UEA/WRI.

Series on protests and discipline: UEA/CAM, UEA/SCH, UEA/TAIT.

Series deposited by former members of staff: UEA/CAM, UEA/COO, UEA/CRO, UEA/GUT, UEA/JONES, UEA/MID, UEA/SHE, UEA/SHEP, UEA/TAIT.

Series on the origins and early history of the University: UEA/TIL, UEA/MAC, UEA/RAL, UEA/SAN. See also SZ/UEA.

Series on the campus and architecture: UEA/CAM, UEA/COD, UEA/EST.

Series general: UEA/GEN, UEA/JONES


Papers of the 1962 Appeal, a CD of the original fundraising appeal book and UEA donations book, and the 1970 Chaplaincy appeal.

Almanac, 1969-1998 (incomplete).

Senate minutes: 1963 to Dec 2004; online pub. followed.

Senate agenda: 1975 to Dec 2004; online pub. followed.

Council minutes: 1965 to July 2006; online pub. followed.

Council agenda: 20/03/1967, and 1975 to July 2006; online pub. followed.

A run of the University Newsletter 1971-2014 (known as Broadview from 1994-2014).

Minutes of the School of Bio's Committee of Five, 1965.

Runs of various student publications, 1965- .

A speech given by Denys Lasdun to the UEA Executive Committee, 30/9/1963 (magnetic tape and CD sound recording) [UEA/AUD].

Sets of the Vice-Chancellor's Annual Report, Research Reports, Accounts, Calendars, and Prospectuses, 1962 to date.

Press Books, 1962-1986.

Photographs and slides, showing in particular black and white photographs of the Village (first campus of pre-fabricated buildings) and development of the new campus [UEA Image Archive].

Audio-tapes of lectures, interviews, and meetings; general videos, congregation and graduation videos [UEA/AUD].

Graduation / congregation programmes.

There is also a small collection of books and pamphlets.
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