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UEA/BRAD/1 - [American Studies: Early years, 1964-1977] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/2 - [American Studies: Planning, 1964-1971] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/3 - [American Studies: Plans for Summer 1971] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/4 - [American Studies: Long-term planning, 1967-1980] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/5 - [American Studies: Plans for a separate School, 1978-1979] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/6 - [American Studies: Correspondence, 1967-1969] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/7 - [American Majors Seminar, 1970-1973] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/8 - [EAS faculty handbook, 1972-1977] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/9 - [Correspondence with H.C. Allen, 1970-1979] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/10 - [British Council. Literature Advisory Committee, 1995-1999] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/11 - [M.A. Graduate programmes and courses offered by EAS, 1965-1972] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/12 - [Research panel interviews and statements of intention for theses proposals, 1970-1982] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/13 - [M.A. examining, 1969-1976] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/14 - [Final exam papers (EAS), 1967-1991] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/15 - [M.A. examining for other universities, 1965-1976] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/16 - [Final examining, Hull, 1974-1975] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/17 - [Theses reports: higher degree examining for other universities, 1968-1982] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/18 - [Exam papers - other universities, 1964-1966, 1975-1976] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/19 - [Nineteen-twenties]. [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/20 - [Victorianism and modernism; 1875-1915, 1968-1977] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/21 - [Key documents in American history, 19--] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/22 - [Fiction and the creative process, 19-- - 1992] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/23 - [Post-modernism: teaching notes and articles, 1972-1993] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/24 - [Centre for Creative and Performing Arts. Short course: Programme in media management for Anglia Television, 1990] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/25 - [M.A. in Culture and Communications, 1989-1990] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/26 - [EAS: Contemporary American fiction: course materials, 1974-1979] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/27 - [EAS: Contemporary British fiction: course materials, 1970-1974] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/29 - [Book jackets and art-work] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/30 - [Cuttings] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/31 - [Reprints of journal articles, essays and monographs] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/32 - [Lectures, discussions, conferences, papers] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/33 - [Dissertations, theses] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/34 - [Manuscripts] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/35 - [Pamphlets] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/36 - [Printed ephemera] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/37 - [Correspondence] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/38 - ‘To the Hermitage’ [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/39 - ‘Liar’s Landscape’ [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/40 - [Biography, interviews, CV and bibliography] [View Details]
UEA/BRAD/41 - [David Lodge] [View Details]
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