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UEA/BRAD/31 - [Reprints of journal articles, essays and monographs]

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[Reprints of journal articles, essays and monographs]
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MB. A song of toads and gardens. [Poem]. At head of page: Essays in criticism, p.440. [1 leaf].

Jim Duckett and MB. Coventrare. 'Omelette'. 1. [19--].

MB. The short stories of Angus Wilson. Extract from: 'Studies in Short Fiction', p.117-125. [19-].

MB. Two poems: Prothalamium [and] A note on Martin Luther. In: 'Western Humanities Review'. Vol.13, no.3, Summer 1959.

MB. To a young girl. [Poem]. 'Inscape'. 4. Spring 1960.

MB. Iris Murdoch’s ‘Under the Net’. Reprinted from 'The Critical Quarterly', Spring 1962.

MB. Saul Bellow and the naturalist tradition. In: 'A Review of English Literature'. Vol.4, no.4, 1963, p.80-92.

MB. Can we bring back the old-fashioned bank robber? In: 'Prose models: an inductive approach to writing'. Gerald Levin, ed. New York : Harcourt, 1964. [Photocopy].

MB. One man’s America - 1. In: 'The Author', Vol.?, no.2, Summer 1968, p.61-65.

MB. Literature and sociology. Extract from 'Essays and Studies' 1970. Chapter VI, p.87-100.

MB. How I invented America. Journal of American Studies', Vol.14, no.1, April 1980, p.115135.

Richard Todd. Malcolm Bradbury’s ‘The History Man’: the novelist as reluctant impresario. Reprinted from 'Dutch Quarterly Review of Anglo-American Letters'. Vol.11, 1981/3, p.162182.

Creative writers. [Article]. 'Newsletter', 4 February 1983. University of East Anglia.

Michael Hollington. Malcolm Bradbury [---] nasal hair, or when does metonymy become metaphor, p.155-159. [1983?]. [Review of ‘Rates of Exchange’]. [Photocopy].

MB. Coming out of the fifties. Reprinted from 'Twentieth Century Literature'. Vol.29, no.2, Summer 1983, p.79-189.

David Bevan, ed. University fiction. Introduction, [1985?-], p. 3-8. (Rodopi Perspectives on Modern Literature).

[MB photographed with John Fowles]. 'Newsletter', 22 November 1985. University of East Anglia.

MB. Persons of letters, p.5-14. First published in ‘No, Not Bloomsbury’. London : Andre Deutsch, 1987. Cover title: Multiple worlds, multiple words: essays in honour of Irène Simon. Edited by Hena Maes-Jelinek, Pierre Michel, Paulette Michel-Michot. University of Liège.

Jan Kjaerstad. Na Star VI foran noe helt nytt: intervju med Malcolm Bradbury. In: Vinduet. Nr.2, 1989.

MB. Saul Bellow’s intellectual heroes. Reprinted from ‘Saul Bellow at seventy-five: a collection of essays’, edited by Gerhard Bach. Tübingen : GNV, 1991, p.33-39.

B. Gensane, G. Menegaldo and R Shusterman. An interview with Malcolm Bradbury, October 1992. In: 'The European English Messenger'. Vol.2, Issue 1, Spring 1993, p.39-45.

MB. Mississippi boy made good. In: 'Folio', Spring 1999, p.19-25. Extract taken from Malcolm Bradbury’s introduction to ‘The £1,000,000 Bank-Note and Other New Stories’, published by Oxford University Press, New York. [Whole issue].

MB. Virginia Woolf – a woman of her times. In: 'Folio', Winter/Spring 2000, p.7, 9. [Photocopy].
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