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PP/25/4/1 - UNESCO House [View Details]
PP/25/4/2 - Interiors' contributors [View Details]
PP/25/4/3 - New Furniture by Marcel Breuer [View Details]
PP/25/4/4 - Marcel Breuer: teacher and architect [View Details]
PP/25/4/5 - Modern Monastry: Preview of the Designs for St. John's Abbey in Minnesota [View Details]
PP/25/4/6 - Master of the life-support machine, Marcel Breuer : Furniture and Interiors [View Details]
PP/25/4/7 - Sitting pretty [View Details]
PP/25/4/8 - [Obituary, Marcel Breuer, draft, 1981] [View Details]
PP/25/4/9 - Obituary, Marcel Breuer [View Details]
PP/25/4/10 - Mies at the Bauhaus [View Details]
PP/25/4/11 - [Marcel Breuer, draft notes and chronology] [View Details]
PP/25/4/12 - [Letter, Harry Seidler to Jack Pritchard, 18/2/77] [View Details]
PP/25/4/13 - [Letter, Ise Gropius to Harry Seidler, 17/10/76] [View Details]
PP/25/4/14 - Harry Seidler: a marriage between the essential and the aesthetic [View Details]
PP/25/4/15 - [Letter, Jack Pritchard to Marcel and Connie Breuer, 18/5/78] [View Details]
PP/25/4/16 - [Drawing of a stacking chair, undated] [View Details]
PP/25/4/17 - Furniture by Godwin and Breuer, 1976 [View Details]
PP/25/4/18 - Obituary. Marcel Breuer : architect who designed tubular steel furniture. The Times, 3/7/81 [View Details]
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