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PC/14 - Poetry

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PC/14/1 ‘Flower by breathing life a woman is. That woman loving life Patricia called...‘
PC/14/2 Rainer Maria Rilke: ‘The Blind Woman’.
PC/14/3 Horace: ‘Ode to Mercury’.
PC/14/4 Charles Baudelaire: ‘Man and the Sea’, ‘Elevation’.
PC/14/5 Herman Hesse: ‘July Children’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Garden of youth’, ‘Hour of grace’, ‘Street at night’, ‘Avowal’, ‘The world our dream’, ‘Fading roses’, ‘Flower, tree, bird’. ‘Journey to the land of morning’.
PC/14/6 Stefan George.
PC/14/7 Robert de Brasillach: ‘Psalms’.
PC/14/8 Robert Richard Schnorr ‘Ad se ipsum’; ‘Rain at night’; ‘Klage’.
PC/14/12 The white fish gleamed and was suddenly gone …
PC/14/13 ‘Translation’ So long as these my eyes can shed a tear …
PC/14/14 There’s many a way to think of things …
PC/14/15 ‘Confession and plea for grace’.
PC/14/16 ‘Sunset at midnight’.
PC/14/17 You thought our war was a maddened beast …
PC/14/18 Do not enchant me … [Described by PC in her letter PC/3/4/11].
PC/14/19 Now do not fail to gather up the gifts.
PC/14/20 ‘Hoelderlin’.
PC/14/21 Alone, in goal she stands …
PC/14/22 ‘Autumn wind’, 1941.
PC/14/23 Sonnet to a flying fortress spitfire.
PC/14/24 In solitary stillness, Nature stood …
PC/14/25 ‘Family at evening’
PC/14/26 The sun walked steadily with me … [TS and MS. The MS has “June 1944”].
PC/14/27 As the calm quadrangle was measured by the strokes of nine … (annotated in pen: “Choir at Christchurch, PW, 1945).
PC/14/28 In the open courtyard with the yellow stones … (from p.22)
PC/14/29 Lord, would desire might live where none is born …
PC/14/30 ‘Queen Philippa’s prayer’ translated by N.D.H.
PC/14/31 ‘Two pictures’, 1955.
PC/14/32 Michelangelo sonnets, signed PECW.
PC/14/33 Sonnet for F from N, 1953.
PC/14/34 ‘Epitaphe de Regnier’, with Translation by NDH, with ‘Never a thought for life took I …’, PECW.
PC/14/35 ‘Letter to war wives’ by Paddy Wood.
PC/14/36 ‘The white fish gleamed and was suddenly gone …’
PC/14/37 ‘N.D.H.’ by PECW.
PC/14/38 ‘Who is the comer? Ear and heart must wake’ … PECW, 1954. Notes on verso of one leaf relate to Mexico.
PC/14/39 ‘Endymion’ (5 leaves).
PC/14/40 Memory of conversations … Sean, when your thought is …
PC/14/41 What do I know of you …
PC/14/42 It seems to me as if a [?] shines in the dark …
PC/14/43 I call of younger years which … [On verso]: But if you send her back …
PC/14/44 ‘Word’.
PC/14/45 ‘The pipes at dawn’ by Bernard Fergusson - Syria, 1942 – Burma, 1943 From Blackwood’s Magazine, February 1944 (3 leaves).
PC/14/46 ‘Sunset at eleven’ [two leaves; TS and MS].
PC/14/47 Come to the park they say is dead & look.
PC/14/48 ‘A poem on the theme: Time is the moving image of eternity’ by Judith Wright, a contemporary Australian poet (2 leaves).
PC/14/49 ‘Traveller’s farewell’.
PC/14/50 ‘Did not the hours flash by in gold and black…’. Two copies. One has “PW to WH” and is slightly changed with the title: ‘Did not the days pass by …’
PC/14/51 ‘Sp[ ] Be brother and sister to all things … ‘ by N.D.H. (from H.H. p.23). is NDH possibly the sister of Wolfgang Hildesheimer?
PC/14/52 ‘Night walk’ a low, red-curtained window … (TS and MS).
PC/14/53 ‘Scientist’s reverie’ The luck’s been mine …
PC/14/54 ‘Apples in August’.
PC/14/55 Pink notepad pages.
PC/14/56 ‘Because Phoebus does not twine and stretch about this earth…’
PC/14/57 La Ceppéede: Sonnet on the Passion (for Spectator competition no. 399).
PC/14/58 Writing poetry educates one into the nature of the game …
PC/14/59 ‘Refugees’ (On seeing The Green Table performed by the Ballet Jooss).
PC/14/60 Oh I’m glad of the stirring Cornish blood that makes me kin to the sea …
PC/14/61 ‘The Express’, 1944.
PC/14/62 ‘While yet my favoured lute …’ by L.J. Cardew Wood [a relative?].
PC/14/63 Déracinés.
PC/14/64 ‘Fallen in love among the lilies …’. Three copies. One is handwritten. Includes the name ‘Wolf Hildesheimer’ on the typed copy and ‘PW to WH’ on another typed copy.
PC/14/65 ‘Astray’ Rising Moon … by Nils Ferlin.
PC/14/66 ‘Death walks over the winterland …’ by Nils Ferlin.
PC/14/67 ‘The eyes of love’ by Nils Ferlin.
PC/14/68 ‘Word’ by Nils Ferlin.
PC/14/69 ‘Minor key’ by Nils Ferlin.
PC/14/70 Note: White Goddess by Robert Graves …
PC/14/71 ‘I may not bow down before you in gratitude …’
PC/14/72 ‘Roses strewn upon the way ..’
PC/14/73 Ice rink. Experiment. Unsuccessful!
PC/14/74 ‘Autumn came’.
PC/14/75 ‘Purpose in war’.
PC/14/76 ’Sky’.
PC/14/77 ‘Beethoven’s ‘Prometheus Unbound’”
PC/14/78 ‘The coward love is an agoraphobe …’
PC/14/79 ‘Supplication’.
PC/14/80 Coleridge ‘Frost at midnight’.
PC/14/81 Philodemus: ‘Moonlit love’. Signed ND-H.
PC/14/82 Do you remember Elizabeth …
PC/14/83 Though heavy mist hangs in the woods …
PC/14/84 Late of a moonlit evening we have stood …
PC/14/85 Silver and gold, silver and gold in the wood … [handwritten].
PC/14/86 Whitsun Muqabeleh ‘Only a spindrift thread of sound …
PC/14/87 October 31, 1944 ‘And if I look within myself …’
PC/14/88 Fear: When night is leaning on the window panes …
PC/14/89 Suddenly a branch shot out on a level with my eyes [prose].
PC/14/90 Three Seasons: Through the bright days … [PECW, 1956].
PC/14/91 Prooemion: In the name of Him, who created Himself … , by Goethe [German and English texts].
PC/14/92 You who today are nearing knowledge in new degree [Author unknown. Transl. PECW].
PC/14/93 Then give me back my years of growing (Transl. from Goethe].
PC/14/94 An island, In an unfound desolate sea …
PC/14/95 Thunder and fall, crushing the sliding pebbles and sand …
PC/14/96 Poésie by Paul Valery [in French].
PC/14/97 Thomas Traherne [English poet].
PC/14/98 T.S. Eliot: Little Gidding; Burnt Norton [poems in ‘Four Quartets’].
PC/14/99 Peer Gynt [empty folder].
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