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UEA/LIB/1 - Library I: building and plans [View Details]
UEA/LIB/2 - Library II: building and plans [View Details]
UEA/LIB/4 - Denys Lasdun [View Details]
UEA/LIB/6 - [Miscellaneous Library records] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/7 - Production material for the instructional video 'The book case' [View Details]
UEA/LIB/8 - Silver among the grey: 25th anniversary musical performance by Library staff [View Details]
UEA/LIB/9 - [Collections] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/10 - [Printed material, hand-outs, leaflets, guides, newsletters] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/11 - Keswick Hall Library amalgamation with UEA Library [View Details]
UEA/LIB/12 - Library Opening 25 October 1968 [View Details]
UEA/LIB/13 - [Press cuttings] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/14 - [Staff] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/15 - [Finance, funding, grants and resources] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/16 - [Associations, libraries etc.] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/17 - [Committees, reports etc.] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/18 - [Unassigned] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/19 - [Users] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/20 - [General] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/21 - [Research] [View Details]
UEA/LIB/22 - Library extension and refurbishment 2005/06 [View Details]
UEA/LIB/23 - Learning and Resources Centre (LaRC) [View Details]
UEA/LIB/24 - Floor 0 (Library entrance floor) opening, 2010 [View Details]
UEA/LIB/25 - UEA Library celebrates 50 years, 2018 [View Details]
UEA/LIB/26 - Refurbishments, 2014-2017 [View Details]
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