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UEA/JONES/1 - [Miscellaneous printed material] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/2 - [Audio-Visual Centre] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/3 - [Bell School of Languages] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/4 - [Catering] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/5 - [Centre of East Anglian Studies Committee] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/6 - [Congregation] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/7 - [Comparative Literature] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/8 - [Council House Building Committee] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/9 - [Examiners' reports] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/10 - [Members of faculty] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/11 - [Laura Elizabeth Stuart Memorial Trust] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/12 - [Course Grading Committee] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/13 - [Safety] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/14 - [School of Law] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/15 - [School of European Studies] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/16 - [Steering Committee for the Project on the History of the University (exhibition)] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/17 - [Barclays Bank and South Africa] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/18 - [Student housing, Bluebell Road] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/19 - [Students' Union] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/20 - [UGC visitations] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/21 - [Teacher training] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/22 - [Traffic] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/23 - [UGC and university development] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/24 - [Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/25 - [Discipline dispute, 1971] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/26 - [Overseas Development Group Limited] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/27 - [Computing Studies, Accountancy and Electronics] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/28 - [Cuts in higher education, 1975-1977] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/29 - [Cuts in higher education and occupation of registry, 1979-1980] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/30 - [Working Party on the Final Assessment] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/31 - [Seminar on the evaluation of teaching] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/32 - [Working Party on Admissions Literature] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/33 - [Daily press cuttings] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/34 - [Secretarial resources / Accountancy Planning Committee] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/35 - [Open Day disruptions, 1973] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/36 - [Correspondence] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/37 - [Frank Thistlethwaite] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/38 - [Keswick Hall] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/39 - [Senior Common Room] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/40 - Climatic Research Unit [View Details]
UEA/JONES/41 - [University cuts of the early 1980s] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/42 - [Obituaries and memorial celebrations] [View Details]
UEA/JONES/43 - Development Committee [View Details]
UEA/JONES/44 - University House Project Sub-Committee [View Details]
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