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PP/20/4/1 - [Letter, A.G. Tomkins to Jack Pritchard, 19/1/49] [View Details]
PP/20/4/2 - [Letter, David Waley to Jack Pritchard, 14/3/49] [View Details]
PP/20/4/3 - [Copy letter, David Waley to H.J. King, 21/2/49] [View Details]
PP/20/4/4 - [Letter, Jack Pritchard to R.J. Gunter, 1/6/65] [View Details]
PP/20/4/5 - [Letter, J.H. Devey to Jack Pritchard, 9/6/65] [View Details]
PP/20/4/6 - [Letter, Jack Pritchard to J.H. Devey, 11/6/65] [View Details]
PP/20/4/7 - [Letter, G.D. Vaughan to Jack Pritchard, 7/11/65] [View Details]
PP/20/4/8 - Outline of a study of the Economic Development Committees, 11/10/65 [View Details]
PP/20/4/9 - [Letter, Jack Pritchard to G.D. Vaughan, 11/11/65] [View Details]
PP/20/4/10 - [Letter, Jack Pritchard to William Shepherd, 23/12/65] [View Details]
PP/20/4/11 - [Letter, William Shepherd to Jack Pritchard, 13/1/66] [View Details]
PP/20/4/12 - [Letter, Ray Gunter to William Shepherd, 11/1/66] [View Details]
PP/20/4/13 - [Letter, Keith Wrighton to Jack Pritchard, 16/6/67] [View Details]
PP/20/4/14 - [Circular to Furniture Development Council and Furniture Industry Research Association board members, 15/6/67] [View Details]
PP/20/4/15 - [Letter, Jack Pritchard to Keith Wrighton, 20/6/67] [View Details]
PP/20/4/16 - [Letter, Jack Pritchard to John Hard, 20/6/67] [View Details]
PP/20/4/17 - [Letter, Keith Wrighton to Jack Pritchard, 11/7/67] [View Details]
PP/20/4/18 - [Letter, R.J. Dore to Jack Pritchard, 29/5/69] [View Details]
PP/20/4/19 - [Letter, Jack Pritchard to F.J. Errol, 20/3/63] [View Details]
PP/20/4/20 - [Letter, David Waley to Jack Pritchard, 12/04/49] [View Details]
PP/20/4/21 - [Letter, Laurence Merriam to Jack Pritchard, 13/2/63] [View Details]
PP/20/4/22 - [Letter, Geoffrey McMillan to Jack Pritchard, 18/3/63] [View Details]
PP/20/4/23 - [Letter, Laurence Merriam to Jack Pritchard, 20/03/63] [View Details]
PP/20/4/24 - [Letter, Jack Pritchard to G.A. McMillan, 25/3/63] [View Details]
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