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APW/8/TUM2 - Tumbleweed (formerly A Windy Night)

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Tumbleweed (formerly A Windy Night)
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The first four items in this file refer to the original title of this work A WINDY KNIGHT.

DKS submits his work to AP Watt and asks that it not be sent first to Gollancz, remembering that Chris Kloet had kept them waiting 8 months with NOAH’S BROTHER.

PT sends the story to Chris Kloet and announces the birth of her daughter Chloe - 22nd March 1986.

DKS had sent over rough illustrations from Ian Newsham for NOAH’S BROTHER.

- Draft memorandum of agreement between DKS and Gollancz for TUMBLEWEED.

Gollancz make an offer which follows a similar format to their offer for NOAH’S BROTHER. Illustrations would be in black and white (and possibly the same artist, [Ian Newsham]), 2/6/86.

Sales figures and royalty percentages are included.

Georges Borchardt (US) send the manuscript to Crown, 6/3/87. It is turned down.

Liz Attenborough (Puffin) makes an offer to Gollancz for the paperback rights, (letter from Gollancz, 11/3/87).

- Photocopied review by John Mole, Times Literary Supplement, 10/7/87. “Dick King-Smith’s Merrie England misfit, Sir Tumbleweed, is the latest in that long line of timorous knights with drooping moustaches whose quest to win their spurs teaches them that true courage is a matter of coming to terms with your own nature.”

Photocopied signed contract between the BBC and DKS to make use of readings from TUMBLEWEED in the programme Jackanory, 22/10/87.

ISIS make an offer for large print rights, 26/10/87; and for distribution rights in the US, 23/11/87.

Chivers make an offer on rights for their children’s audio books.

Viking Penguin Inc. turn down TUMBLEWEED. “The story gets off to a rollicking and witty start. Then, unfortunately, it slows down and loses its sparkle” (letter, Deborah Brodie, 19/7/88).

Detailed correspondence with Lacewood Productions Inc. (Canada) on securing world-wide television/cable rights in TUMBLEWEED for a period of 15 years, November 1988 – June 1989.
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