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APW/8/TUM - Tumbledown Farm

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Tumbledown Farm
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- Schedule of 26 programmes for Yorkshire Television, sent to Rod Hall (AP Watt by DKS).

Agreed terms are discussed with YTV.

William Heinemann conclude a deal for four paperback picture-story books and a hardback anthology for a future date. Two copies of the agreement are included between YTV and Fox Busters Limited (for the services of DKS who would need to be present for filming), 25/2/88. Forms of agreement are included for TUMBLEDOWN FARM series II.

A letter from YTV looks at the future of the TUMBLWDOWN series, 24/2/89. “TUMBLEDOWN FARM has performed well with the youngest audience. However it has not picked up many older children in the face of a very competitive BBC schedule …”
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