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Anthony Grey Archive
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Grey, Anthony, 1938-
Grey, Anthony, 1938-
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Contains papers, publications, and photographic and audio-visual material deposited by Anthony Grey [AG]. AG was born on 5/7/1938 in Norwich. He came to world attention in the late 1960s when, as a Reuters correspondent he spent two years as a hostage in Peking, where he had been sent to cover the Cultural Revolution. This gruesome period (July 1967 - October 1969) resulted in his first book, 'Hostage in Peking', published in 1970. His other works include a book of short stories 'A man alone'; novels, 'Some put their trust in chariots', 'The Bulgarian exclusive', 'The Chinese assassin', 'Saigon', 'Peking', 'The Bangkok secret', 'The naked angels', and 'Tokyo Bay'; non-fiction books including 'The Prime Minister was a spy'; short stories, articles and reviews which appeared in publications like 'Playboy', 'Punch', 'Illustrated London News', 'The New York Times Book Review', etc.

From 1974-1979 AG was a regular presenter of the BBC World Service daily programme of international affairs 'Twenty-four hours'.

AG produced television documentaries for the BBC and ATV, his most successful being 'Return to Peking' and 'Return to Saigon' (1988).

The archive holds original manuscripts, research papers, publicity material and correspondence relating to his publications, television and radio productions.

AG's own experience as a hostage led to him founding Hostage Action Worldwide [AG/HAW/2] in the late 1980s. This organisation was particularly focused on hostages held in the Middle East at that time. AG's own experience as a hostage, and the fight of others for his release is covered in Series AG/HOS.

AG's other interests include UFOs [AG/UFO], and the Raelian Movement [AG/RAE].

The novel 'Peking' was based on the experiences of Alfred Bosshardt, a Western missionary on the Long March. AG's friendship with Bosshardt, and Bosshardt's activities as a missionary are covered in [AG/AB].

AG/PRO includes correspondence with literary agents, papers of AG's two companies founded in the 1970s: James Murray Literary Enterprises Ltd, and LA Fun Ltd. The Norwich based company which AG currently runs is Tagman Press, [papers for this are not yet included].

Personal papers include much correspondence. Files are included on AG's late ex-wife Shirley Grey (née McGuinn), and his mother Agnes Grey. References are made to his two daughters Clarissa and Lucy Grey. AG lived in Jersey from 1969-1973, in London, and in West Sussex from 1977-1991. He now resides in Norwich.
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