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- Love Alone. Side A: Edward VIII (8c).
- Edward the VIII (8c).
- Escape from New York; Dark Star (dialogue excerpts and music); John Carpenter.
- War of the Worlds. Orson H.G. Welles. Around the World.
- 80 days. ©Ray Davies. 23/12/87. 16 songs.
- Alone. Wilhelm Reich.
- Wagner’s Greatest Hits.
- Dagmar Krause.
- D. Shostakovitch (1906-1975) / Bedbug.
- 'Bed bug'. Compilation.
- Songs from Everest Hotel.
- 'Blue Vienna' – Live, 19/6/92 at Hampstead Theatre, London.
- 'Blue Vienna' – Live.
- 'Blue Vienna' – Excerpts.
- 'Blue Vienna' – Highlights.
- 'Blue Vienna' – Highlights.
- The Good Doctor by SW.
- Unmarked cassette.
- 'Poonsh', by SW.
- 'Poonsh', by SW.
- 'Poonsh', by SW. BBC Radio Drama. Three copies.
- 'Poonsh' the Christmas interlude by SW. BBC Radio Drama. Two copies.
- Ho Jo Honeymoon (final mix).
- 'Spaceache', 1991.
- Lou Glandfield / Johnson. Side A: Dr Johnson Music. Side B: Lou’s bits.
- One Iota. 1, 2 & 3 written & performed by Lou Glandfield. Side A: Heaven’s Ocean. I.O.U. Theatre, Halifax.
- Edge of space – demo + Vox. ©Lou Glandfield 1994.
- Edge of space – demo, February 1995.
- England, England by SW. Music by Kevin Coyne.
- Around the world 1938.
- Songs for bum lovers. Side A: Left Cheek. Side B: Right Cheek. ‘To Snoo and Anne with hygenic affection Tig’. [Tig is Anthony Wilson, SW’s brother].
- Joe Wilson: Readings x 4 cassettes. [Joe is SW’s father].
- Snoo’s mother remembers.
- Limousine lady, 20/9/92.
- Gamlet songs. Dub track, October 1993. Gamlet’s song; Limousine lady; Evening star.
- 'I’ll be George'.
- Side A: Pack up your troubles. Side B: Dream of summer.
- 'Orpheus in the Underworld'. Offenbach highlights. ENO production. ©1987 TER Ltd.
- Offenbach: Tales of Hoffman.
- Gamlet’s songs. Side A: Three songs for Gamlet.
- Gamlet’s song. SW/Glandfield.
- Old crow’s oratorio.
- Verdi. Four sacred songs.
- The good doctor, by SW.
- Fats Domino. ©1983 Everest/Europa.
- Cool James. Summer Time. ©1997 Mr. Cool Records.
- Underground Roots. ©1998.
- King’s College Choir. Thomas Tallis Spem in alium (40 part Motet). Directed by David Willcocks. ©1965 Decca Record Company.
- Tallis: 40 part Motet in Alium. Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet. Allegri Miserere. Pro Cantione Antigua. Directed by Mark Brown. Pickwick International.
- Cromer. A history in six minutes. A pictorial history of Cromer with music adapted, played and produced by Alistair Murphy. ©1986 Cromer Zone.
- Enya. Shepherd Moons.
- Leonard Cohen. I’m your man. ©1990 CBS.
- Gustav Holst. Hymns from the Rig Veda /Hymn to Dionysus/Two Eastern Pictures. Royal College of Music Chamber Choir. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir David Willcocks. ©1985 Unicorn Records Ltd.
- The Lottwe Lenya Album. Lotte Lenya sings theatre songs of Kurt Weill. ©1979 CBS. Columbia/Odyssey Cassette.
- Kraftwerk. Radio-Activity: Geiger counter. Radioactivity. Radioland. Airwaves. Intermission. News. The voice of energy. Antenna. Radio stars. Uranium. Transistor. Ohm sweet ohm. Capitol Records.
- Vivaldi. Concertos.
- Mozart. Requiem.
- Beethoven & Paganini [performed by] Yehudi Menuhin. Violin Concerti.
- Twin Peaks. 7” edit + instr.
- Kaleidoscope, 6/12/84. The carrier frequency. Impact Theatre Russell Hoban.
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