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Plays listed here are those having representation within the collection. Includes musicals and opera.

80 Days (stage musical, 1988);
Almost Legal (play; unpub., undated);
Armageddon Close (episodes, undated);
Around the World in 80 Days see 80 Days;
Bedbug (musical, 2004);
Between the Acts;
Blow Job (play, 1971; published London: Methuen Drama, 1999);
Blue Vienna (play, undated);
Blurr (play, undated);
Boadicea (play, unpub., 1985-1990);
Callas (play, unpub., 1990);
Darwin’s Flood (play, performed 1994; published London: Methuen Drama, 1999);
Ella Daybellfesse’s Machine;
England England (musical, performed in 1977);
Everest Hotel, The (play, premiered 1975);
Faust (play, undated);
Flaming Bodies (play, performed 1979);
Gamlet (play, undated);
Girl Mad as Pigs;
Glad Hand, The (play, first performed 1978; published London: Pluto Press, 1979; Methuen Drama,
Grass Widow, The (play, 1983; published London: Methuen Drama, 2000);
Hamlyn (play, undated);
H.R.H. (play, 1997);
In Defence of Fairies (play; unpub., not performed, 1997);
International Brigade, The (play, unpub., not performed, 2005-2007);
Joe Prospero (musical, unpub., not performed, 1973);
Lovesong of the Electric Bear (play, performed 2003, 2009, 2015; published London:
Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2015);
Loving Reno (play, performed 1982 in the US; 1983 in the UK);
Moonshine (play, performed 1999);
More Light (play, performed 1987; published London: Methuen Drama, 1999);
New Age, The (play synopsis, 1994);
Number of the Beast, The (play, re-written version of The Beast, performed 1982);
Orpheus in the Underworld (opera libretti, written in 1986, performed 1988);
Our Lord of Lynchville (play, 1982, 1986);
Pack Up Your Troubles (musical; 200?; Troublemaker Productions, 2014);
Pericles: the Mean Knight (play, 1970);
Pignight (play, 1971; screenplay 1975; published London: Methuen Drama, 1999);
Pleasure Principle, The (play, 1973);
Quilp (play, unpub.);
Reason (play performed 1972 and 1975; published in Gambit. Vol. 8, 1976);
Reclining Nude, The (play, 2010);
Renaissance (play, unpub., 1993);
Revelations (play, unpub., 2013);
Right Charlie, A (play, unpub., undated);
Sabina (play, first performed 1998; screenplay 2006; published London: Methuen Drama, 2000);
Salvation Now (play, undated);
Shadey, see Change in Shadey, The;
Sodom and Tobaccoe (play, 1998?);
Soul of the White Ant, The (play, first performed, 1976; published London: Methuen Drama, 1999; TV play, 19--?);
Spaceache (see also film treatment by SW (1985) of a novel by SW (1983);
Speckled Band, The (play adaptation, undated);
Swamp Music;
Tamara (play, unpub., 1991);
UFO Dawn (play synopsis, 1990; play script, undated);
Vampire (play, first performed 1973; 1977; published London: Methuen Drama, 2000);
Walpurgis Night (play script, undated; performed at the Gate Theatre);
Young Betjeman (screenplay, 2009?).
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