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MC/13 - Box 13 CDs, Journalism, Correspondence

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Box 13 CDs, Journalism, Correspondence
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Letter, Guy Abbott to MC, 4/2/99.

'Crow Country'. Early draft of whole book (CD).
Brain Garfield’s CD of MC’s entire private archive on Richard Meinertzhagen. (CD).
Early back up of 'Birds and People' intended for agent Gill Coleridge (CD).

Flights of passage (birdwatching; Isles of Scilly), MC. Guardian Weekend, 16/9/95. [Press-cutting].
Wensum Valley – undiscovered Norfolk, MC. Suffolk and Norfolk Life, December 1995. [Journal article].
Farewell, blythe spirit? (Skylarks), MC. Guardian Weekly, 19/5/96. [Press-cutting].
The fat of the land, MC. (Halvergate, Norfolk). Guardian Weekly, 2/6/96. [Press-cutting].
CPRE working with the English farmer, MC. Suffolk and Norfolk Life, vol. VIII, no.55, October 1996. [Journal article].
Hieroglyphs (beached whales), MC. Suffolk & Norfolk Life, September 1997. [Journal article].
African Bird Club, MC. Alula, 1/1998. [Whole journal and loose article].
A lighter shade of bird (albinos), MC. Bird Watching, pp. 30-34, January 1998 [Whole journal and article].
Black magic (corvids), MC. Bird Watching, pp. 6-10, March 1998. [Journal article].
A wildlife spectacular: the Falkland Islands, MC. Limosa News, p. 3 April 1998. [Newsletter].
The Last Tasmanian, MC. Independent on Sunday, 26/4/98. [Whole magazine and press-cutting].
Heart of darkness (owls), MC. Bird Watching, June 1998. [Journal article].
Sands of time (Brecklands of Norfolk and Suffolk), MC. Bird Watching, July 1998. [Journal article].
Dive, dive, dive (birds taking the plunge), MC. Bird Watching, September 1998. [Journal article].
Modern life has hit bird numbers, MC. Eastern Daily Press, 23/4/99. [Press-cutting].
Sticks and stones … (nest building), MC. Bird Watching, pp. 22-30, August 1999. [Journal article].
Roll on Rutland (bird fair), MC. Bird Watching, p. 99, August 1999. [Journal article].
Norfolk at close quarters (bird artist James McCallum), MC. Bird Watching, August 1999. [Journal article].
Africa: a challenge to birders, MC. Travel News Namibia, pp. 22-23, October 1999. [Whole journal].
Back to life (reintroductions of plants and animals: red kite, beaver, butterflies, pasque flower), MC. Natural World, no. 57. Winter 1999. [Whole magazine].
Where are the songbirds? MC. Eastern Daily Press Magazine, November 1999. [Journal article].
He shoots, he saves (gamekeeping and wild birds), MC. Bird Watching, January 2000. [Journal article].
Myth, mystery and the meaning of birdlife, MC. Eastern Daily Press magazine, 22/1/00. [Whole journal].
Fish out of water? Not sculptor Mike, MC (sculptor Mike Rhodes). Eastern Daily Press, 24/5/00. [Press-cutting].
Out of North Africa, MC. Bird Watching, September 2000. [Journal article].
Owls and traditional culture in Africa, MC and Heimo Mikkola. Tyto (journal of the International Owl Society), vol.5, issue 4, pp. 174-184, December 2000. [Whole journal].
Birds Britannica (interview with MC). Birds. RSPB, pp. 85-88. Spring 2001. [Whole journal].
Confessions of a twitcher, MC. The Times, 28/7/01. [Press-cutting].
The magic of Cley, MC. Tern. Wildlife Norfolk Trust, p.3, Summer 2001. [Journal article].
A breed apart (Birders: Tales of a Tribe), MC. Bird watching, pp. 85-87, August 2001. [Journal article].
Ruffled feathers (birdwatchers), MC. Guardian, 28/11/01. [Draft and press-cutting].
Point/counterpoint. Future challenges in Africa, MC. Birding: American Birding Association, vol.34. no.3, June 2002. [Whole journal].
My hunt for Scotland’s little tiger (wildlife on the remote Ardnamurchan Peninsular), MC. The Times, 27/7/02. [Press-cutting].
My goblin on acid (Leache’s Petrel and St Kilda), MC. The Times, 2/11/02. [Press-cutting].
Shake your tail feather (tales, myths, superstition), MC. The Times 24/7/03. [Press-cutting and online print].
Rhapsody in black (Tibetan throat-singers in an Anglesey wood), MC. The Times, 10/1/04. [Press-cutting].
Ready for take-off (comeback of the common crane), MC. The Times, 14/2/04. [Press-cutting].
In for the kill (eagles shot and poisoned in the Scottish glans), MC. The Times, 28/2/04. [Press-cutting].
The dirty dozen (the crime of nest collecting), MC. The Times, 5/6/04. [Press-cutting].
The insect: man’s best friend, MC. The Times, 10/7/04. [Press-cutting].
No need to flap (counting swans on the Thames), MC. The Times, 31/7/04. [Press-cutting].
Oak takes wing (primeval wood preserved in peat bog), MC. The Times, 7/8/04. [Press-cutting].
The fall of the wild (Britain’s natural habitat ruined by intensive farming), MC. The Times, 21/8/04. [Press-cutting].
Does this bird fit the bill? (slender-billed curlew), MC. The Times, 9/10/04. [Press-cutting].
Tu-whit where? (native owls), MC. The Times, 30/10/04. [Press-cutting].
Return of the waterlands (Cambridgeshire fens), MC. The Times, 27/11/04. [Press-cutting].
Beetles are back on top of the crops, MC. The Times, 4/12/04. [Press-cutting].
Neotropical birding in the tropics, by MC and David Tipling, 29/04/08. [Draft article].
Ospreys in the UK (MC interviews Mike Everett). Birds, pp.32-38, [20--?] [Journal article].
Did you feel the ship move just now? (whales), MC. The Times, [20--?]. [Press-cutting].
Cra Wid’s army of the night (rooks), MC. The Times, [20--?]. [Press-cutting].
Paradise Lost (farmland species under threat), MC. Natural World, [20--?]. [Journal article].
Lose yourself in a safari’s animal magic, MC. Bird Watching Magazine, [20--?]. [Whole magazine].
Whalesong (marine conservation), MC. Natural World, [20--?]. [Journal article].

The twitchers (MS copy of a poem), undated.
Programme of writing courses at the National Writers’ Centre for Wales. Writing and Nature: wildlife into words, MC and Kathleen Jamie, 2007. [Printed ephemera].

Primarily letters addressed to MC.
Joan Gibbs (Macclesfield Silk Heritage) (re amateur birdman Brian Hodgson), 8/10/94.
John Cryer (Wells Festival of Literature), 30/5/04.
David Lyon (Mid-Thorngate Society) to MC (re Richard Meinertzhagen), 31/10/05 and 17/11/06.
Julian Mitchell (Mid-Thorngate Society) (re Richard Meinertzhagen talk), 25/11/06.
Stephen R. Martin (Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists’ Society) (re MC’s talks), 11/5/07.
Arvon Foundation Tutors contract, 2008.
Heather Tyas (Museum of Garden History) (re talk by MC), 14/4/08.
Guy Mannes Abbott, 4/2/99.
Peter Tolhurst (Black Dog Books) (re permission to include quotations from Crow Country), 6/7/09.
Peter Crix (Literary Prize Committee, Ipswich Institute) (re MC’s judging of the 2011 award), 2010.
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