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LIT/CW/1 - Screenwriting course

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Screenwriting course
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The contents of this file mainly relates to the screenwriting course offered by Malcolm Bradbury for the academic years 1993-1994 and 1994-1995. It contains copies of students' screenwriting scripts, and adaptations of original screenplays or of short stories.

Work from the following students is included:
Nan T. Achnas; Harriett Braun; Tristan Brolly; Tracy Chevalier; Fadia Faqir; Ralph Goldswain; Joanne Gooding; Thomas Guest; Barry Halloren; James Holloway; Claire Lees Ingham; Janette Jenkins; Lawrence Le Barge; Stephen Leslie; Toby Litt; John Mangan; Cormac McCarthy; Chris Norton; Jeremy Page; Judith Rawnsley; Joanne Reardon; Nicholas Rohl;
Tom Shankland; Joe Sieder; and Matthew Singh-Toor.

There are 20 submissions of adaptations of Henry James's short story "Sir Edmund Orme" from most of these students as well as: Martin Aaron; Sue Nash; Derek Neale; and Kate Webb.

Five submissions for the adaptation of Stephen Gallagher's "The horn" are included from Adam Campbell; Neil Church; Karin Hurst; Mick Jackson; and Kate Slattery.
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