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Harry's Mad
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- Photocopied pages from HARRY’S MAD, p. 18-25.

DKS submits his story of an American speaking parrot, Madison, to AP Watt. DKS will be re-working CHEWING THE CUD for Janna Goldsworthy (Gollancz) and he’s received a list of alterations from Laura Geringer for MAGNUS POWERMOUSE, 9/8/83.

Joanna Goldsworthy provides editorial comments “Mad’s disappearance and kidnap stretch credibility to the limit”, 14/9/83. She also comments on CHEWING THE CUD.

PT hopes that DKS won’t lose Mad’s telephone conversation to the police. “I think his description of himself is one of the funniest and best controlled passages in the book”, 21/8/83.

On 10/1/84 DKS re-submits HARRY’S MAD. Jez Alborough was being considered as illustrator.

PT indicates that DKS will get a higher percentage with illustrator Jill Bennett than that which he received with Mary Rayner for THE SHEEP-PIG. She also suggests the contract does not necessarily tie in the illustrator to future US sales, 17/2/84. For simplicity, illustrator and author should appear together in the contract, 1/3/84.

Puffin make an offer on the paperback for HARRY’S MAD, via Gollancz, letter 18/7/84. The order of Puffin’s publication is queried of THE SHEEP-PIG, THE QUEEN’S NOSE and MAGNUS POWERHOUSE, 31/7/84.

- Copy of BBC request to use the story HARRY’S MAD in 4 x 12.5 minute episodes in the programme Jackanory.

Yorkshire Television ask for copyright permission to use HARRY’S MAD in The Book Tower series.

The BBC mention making some exceptions but they don’t usually use non-Equity members on Jackanory. [This relates to an appearance of DKS on Jackanory], letter 6/12/84.

Georges Borchardt (US agency) offers HARRY’S MAD to Crown, Viking Penguin and Atheneum (February 1985). Correspondence relating to Crown contracts is included in January 1986 and in June 1988.

DKS writes to Lucy Collier (Lemmie) [at AP Watt] “I don’t at all understand Gollancz paying me for publication of HARRY’S MAD – it was published in 1984, looks as if they’ve got their nether underwear in a tangle but let’s not complain.” He includes a drawing of a duck, 17/7/86.

Chivers Children’s Audio Books ask for audio rights in HARRY’S MAD, 7/1/87.

- Photocopied letter announcing DKS’ receipt of the 1987 Parents’ Choice Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

- Photocopied New York Times Book Review by Karla Kuslin.

Draft contract and correspondence with Film and General Productions Ltd for DKS’ scripts for half hour television programmes on HARRY’S MAD, 1989.

Editions Gallimard request that multiple voices (a voice for each character) be used for their French audio book production, 16/7/89.

Other titles referred to in this file: PIGS MIGHT FLY, THE SHEEP-PIG, TRY COUNTING SHEEP.
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