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Introduction: GRIDIRON is a science fiction novel published by Chatto in 1995. It is about a highly technical building which becomes self-aware and tries to kill everyone inside.

A film/novel treatment of GRIDIRON and introduction of this to Robert Bookman by AP Watt. Bookman comments “the treatment doesn’t give enough sense of the characters.” (Letter, 3/1/94).

Nick Marston informs Robert Bookman that PK had negotiated an excellent three book deal with Random House, the first of which is GRIDIRON.

Detailed review of GRIDIRON from Caradoc King to PK, 1/11/94.

Letters from film production studios asking to take a look at GRIDIRON for a possible feature film.

Working Title Films Ltd for Polygram offers to purchase all rights in the book, 17/2/95. Drafts of the agreement are included, and correspondence negotiating the deal.

Copy of an agreement between PK and Warner Books, Inc. (N.Y.), 15/4/95.

Mysterious Press (Warner Books) and Chatto (Random House) are requested to sign a publisher’s release acknowledging that they have no claim on the film rights.

Copy of the signed agreement between PK and Working Title Films Ltd, signed 10/5/95.

A request by AP Watt to Working Title Films Ltd to grant rights for a German language adaptation of GRIDIRON. This is to be produced for radio by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Cologne).
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