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APW/7/1 - General, 1990-1993

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General, 1990-1993
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A television treatment by PK for a short documentary on lying, February 1990.

A synopsis for a short film entitled WHO’S LYING TO US? Prepared for the BBC Late Show by PK, March 1990.


Nick Marston (AP Watt) writes to prospective producers to solicit interest for a series on boxing. PK had written a treatment entitled BAD INTENTIONS, February 1992.

Terms and a draft agreement are included from Palace productions Ltd for BAD INTENTIONS. PK is commissioned to write a 50’ screenplay. By April 1992 it appeared that interest had waned and Nick Marston was looking to show the treatment elsewhere.
Copy manuscript of a treatment of a television idea by PK. Prepared for Martyn Auty at Witzend. BODY AND SOUL / alternative title: DEATHS REFERABLE. 24/3/92.
Correspondence and agreement between PK and Island World Productions Ltd for FINAL JUDGEMENT (a television series). PK was commissioned to write twelve storylines. (Correspondence, July - September 1992).

Biographical details and credits for PK (letter, AP Watt to Mark Forstater, 7/10/92).


Faxed synopsis of BETWEEN THE LINES by PK (sent to Nick Marston, 23/11/92). Draft writers’ agreements between PK and Initial Film & Television Ltd for the HONG KONG PROJECT, a four hour mini-series television drama.

Draft agreement between PK and Paramount British Pictures Ltd for the theatrical motion picture project tentatively entitled HONG KONG PROJECT. Correspondence concerning an expenses claim follows with solicitors Simon Olswang & Co who act on behalf of Paramount. Enclosed is a signed “quitclaim” from Paramount for all of the right, title and interest in the treatments written by PK on his return from Hong Kong - SAFE CONDUCT and THE WORD FOR DEATH, August 1992 - January 1993.


A 1980 signed letter from PK to the head of Script Unit, BBC Television Centre. PK encloses Play One of a 4 part series entitled THE WICKEDEST MAN IN THE WORLD. The subject is the poet, essayist, painter, mountaineer and magician Aleister Crowley who died in 1947. [MS not included]. With letter from The Principal Film Company Ltd which is looking forward to receiving PK’s work on Aleister Crowley, 16/3/92 [i.e. 1993?].

Partial typed manuscript by Edward Kelly of SIMON IFF IN AMERICA. This is sent by Sarah Boote (The Principal Film Company) to Nick Marston, 24/3/93. “I’m very keen for Principal to make Aleister Crowley’s alter ego – Simon Iff – work for television.” These were directed to PK to explore. The stories were serialised in a magazine when Crowley first wrote them but they were never published.

Draft agreement between PK and The Principal Film Company for PK to write an outline treatment for a proposed television drama series, based on the short stories SIMON IFF IN AMERICA by Aleister Crowley (“the source work”), in which The Principal Film Company holds an exclusive option on the film, television and related rights.
Includes PK’s treatment script.


Correspondence and a draft deal memo for PK to re-write an original screenplay by Ferdinand Fairfax. This is for a co-production by Julian Seddon Films Ltd and Red Rooster Films.


Radio proposal/INSPECTOR BARLACH by Friedrich Durrenmatt. Prepared as an outline by PK, 10/12/90.

Nick Marston approaches the BBC but they turn it down as they are looking for a radio detective series which could run for some time, 1993.
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