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Box TA/AV/10
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Friederike ROTH, The Donkey Ride Translation script. AV + TM.

Gaston SALVATORE Stalin, 1988-1989 Sample translation; notes. AV and TM.

Friedrich SCHILLER, Wallenstein, 1984-1987 Two files, see also three files in box 9. Draft scripts; corrected printed texts, some from the translation by S.T. Coleridge; published German text; translated script in two parts for radio (part 1 The Piccolomini); correspondence with the BBC; reviews. AV + TM.

Friedrich SCHILLER, William Tell Translation script adapted for radio by TM + AV; annotated photocopied translated text by Theodore Martin; another by Samuel Robinson; original published German text; correspondence with the BBC; notes.

W SHAKESPEARE, Richard the Third Pt 1+2, translation scripts adapted for radio. AV + TM.
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