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PP/38 - Roman Terlikowski and design in Poland

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Roman Terlikowski and design in Poland
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The file contains a miscellany of 24 items from c. 1978 to 1986. Among these are: a copy of the book 'Wspoloczesne Mieszkanie', Warsaw, Arkady, 1980, by Magdalena Plazewska and Roman Terlikowski, and other material relating to contemporary design in Poland including photographs of exhibits; a collection of photographic images of the Bauhaus, Dessau; personal photographs of Terlikowski, his family, his home and his two dogs; and papers relating to a visit which Jack Pritchard made to Poland in 1986.

Roman Terlikowski was at this time a member of the staff of the Polish Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw; his association with Jack pre-dated the visit of 1986 by at least three years and he may have been instrumental in arranging this visit, during which Jack gave a lecture at the Institute on the history of the Bauhaus and its influence on design in Britain.
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