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PP/25/3/54 - Isokon Flats, July 1955

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Isokon Flats, July 1955
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1 leaf Periodicals
Personal name
Markova, [---?],
Cazalet-Keir, Thelma
Coates, Wells
Gropius, Walter, 1883-1969
Gropius, Ise
Breuer, Marcel
Korn, Arthur
Moholy-Nagy, L.
Morris, Henry, 1889-1961
Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl
Lawn Road Flats
Impington Village College
Isokon Furniture Company
Banham, Reyner,
Scope and content
Celebrating the 21st birthday of the opening of Lawn Road Flats. Gives a brief potted history of the flats from its design by Wells Coates, its opening, through the Second World War, when the Gropiuses, Marcel Breuer, the Moholy-Nagy's and Arthur Korn were given refuge here, to the publication of the Horizon magazine article in 1946, in which the flats won joint second place in its Ugliest Buildings Competition. The article discusses the collaboration of Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer in Isokon Furniture Company Limited, Breuer's design of the Isobar and Gropius' work with Henry Morris on Impington Village College

Include three monochrome photographs "Miss Thelma Cazalet christening Lawn Road Flats with a bottle of beer on July 14, 1934". Lawn Road Flats, and "Lawn Road's first birthday party, 1935. Left to right, Dr. Markova, Marcel Breuer, Ise Gropius and Walter Gropius"
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