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PP/20/2 - [Furniture Development Council. Minutes]

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[Furniture Development Council. Minutes]
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Personal name
Waley, S. D.
Brown, W. D.
Bryant, Basil P.
Cruickshanks, J.
Darvill, A. J.
Greig, Cuthbert
Johnstone, W., fl. 1945
Lebus, Herman Andrew Harris,
McAndrew, Thomas
Mills, J. H.
Newth, A. L. W.
Shanley, J. R.
Shube, R. S.
Sunley, R. C.
Tomkins, A. G.
Fry, Malcolm
Bexon, MacAlister
Fryer, Harold
Wootton, F. E.
Birch, P. J.
Clegg, A. B.
Anderson, William A.
McIntosh, A. H.
Falk, Roger,
Alston, L. W. L.
Amos, G. E.
Head, D.
Hard, John F.
Inchbald, P.
Jacobs, John Barclay
Porter, A. C.
Rurko, R.
Robertson, J. (of the Furniture Development Council)
Taylor, E. S.
McMillan, Geoffrey A.
Moore, A. (of the Furniture Development Council)
Fergusson, G.
Walker, D. A. (of the Furniture Development Council)
Merriam, Laurence,
Webb, A. (of the Furniture Development Council)
Lakin, C. A.
Salkfield, C. L.
Forse, S. H.
Bristow, F. J. (of the Furniture Development Council)
Welters, F. D.
Hoskins, H. R.
Radford, V. N.
Scope and content
Full set of F.D.C. minutes from 3/1/44 to 19/2/64. Membership of the F.D.C. between those dates comprised David Waley, W.D. Brown, B.P. Bryant, J. Cruickshanks, A.J. Darvill, Cuthbert Greig, William Johnstone, Herman Lebus, T. McAndrew, J.H. Mills, A.L.W. Newth, J.R. Shanley, R.S. Shube, R.C. Sunley, A.G. Tomkins, Malcolm Fry, MacAlister Bexon, H. Fryer, Jack Pritchard, Mrs F.E. Wootton, P.J. Birch, A.B. Clegg, W.A. Anderson, A.H. McIntosh, Roger Falk, L.W.L. Alston, G.E. Amos, D. Head, J.F. Hard, P. Inchbald, J. Barclay Jacobs, A.C. Porter, J. Robertson, R. Rurko, E.S. Taylor, G.A. McMillan, A. Moore, G. Fergusson, D.A. Walker, Laurence Merriam, A. Webb, C.A. Lakin, C.L. Salkfield, S.H. Forse, F.J. Bristow, F.D. Welters, H.R. Hoskins and V.N. Radford. Not catalogued to item level.
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