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JH/WAR/4 - [Miscellaneous publications, contemporary]

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[Miscellaneous publications, contemporary]
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23 items Mixed
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Publications contemporaneous with JH's war service or believed used by him at that time, comprising:

War Office: Manual of map reading, photo reading, and field sketching, HMSO, 1929, reprinted and amended 1939; James Beresford & Son Ltd: "Beresford Stock" light trailer fire fighting pumping unit. Instruction handbook P45/B, n.d.; letter, Flight Lt Ian Forsyth to JH, 31/1/1/45, accompanying "the 'gen' on the Auster", with two copies of a summary specification and six reprints from periodicals ('The Motor', 'Flight', 'The Aeroplane', and 'Taylorcraft News') describing the Auster and its use in military reconnaissance and as a private aircraft; The War in maps. Its background and course, ed. George Goodall, George Philip & Son Ltd, c. 1940; 'Last Will and Testament of Adolf Hitler' [spoof], printed by A. Bloom & Sons Ltd, Houndsditch, n.d.; Cloud Atlas for Aviators, 1942, issued by Canadian Dept of Transport, Air Services Branch, Meteorological Division; lessons from Operations [North Africa], METM No. 7, October & November 1942; 5 copies of an illustrated German or Vichy French leaflet distributed in N. Africa which reads ‘Qu’est-ce que vous préférez? Mourir avec les Americains? Ou vivre avec les Allemands et reourner chez vous?’; Allied illustrated propaganda leaflet in Arabic. The artist is ‘Yvon’; 1 copy each of printed Form of National Prayer and Dedication, issued by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, for use on the 3rd and 4th anniversaries of the outbreak of war.
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